Edward Sullivan, father of EJ ’17, shares more about his family’s experience with the Mount Family …

About four years ago my son began to seriously consider Mount St. Mary’s University. I had some misgivings. It seemed to be far away from the beaten path and it also seemed to be a very religious institution. Although my son is a very spiritual young man and has a tremendous sense of right and wrong, he was not the type to attend Mass every week (despite his mother’s pleas.) To my surprise he adjusted very well. I feel that he saw the good and the warmth in the faculty and student body. This led him to a comfort in the school. The school never forced religion upon him, but it grew within him as he lived at the Mount. Ironically, he now does attend Mass with no pressure from his peers, the staff or his parents. As I have said before, he has always had a million dollar heart so I guess I should have known he would grow in this regard. The impetus was the staff and student body that was so welcoming and supportive to him.

However, the real growth in my son was in maturity and ambition. He tended to be an impulsive and rash young man. He would often act without thinking. He also had little regard for the written word or his studies in general, despite a great deal of natural intelligence. The Mount helped him direct his energies in a focused and positive way. His grades rose steadily and his attitude was driven towards success, rather than immediate gratification. The students at the Mount are the type of young men and women that a person would dream that their child would meet and with whom they would associate. These students became friends and mentors to my son. I will be forever grateful to them. The staff at the Mount also gave EJ focus, direction, guidance and a general sense of purpose. It is a joy to hear EJ talk about the teachers and staff. Several of the staff have taken him under their wing and drawn out the natural leadership qualities innate to EJ.

My wife has often said that the most impressive thing about the Mount is how they allow the students to run the various events. This allows the students to grow and expand any leadership qualities that they may possess. This is evident in the jobs and duties on campus that EJ was encouraged to take. He took the direction and was allowed the judgment of the staff to give him the confidence he needed to succeed. As a result he developed these leadership qualities and thrived in these positions. As a senior (2017 graduate), EJ has a job waiting for him. I truly feel that his experience at Mount St. Mary’s University gave my son the direction, confidence, leadership as well the education to enable him to reach his short term goals. I am confident that he will continue to rise to the occasion and have a long and successful career. I also feel that the training at the Mount will give him the inner strength to continue on his path to be a good man.

Theresa Mahoney with Mr. Edward Sullivan, P'17My wife and I thank you for all that you have done. We could not be more pleased with my son’s choice to attend the Mount.

I would also like to mention that Theresa Mahoney has been a friendly and reassuring experience towards the whole family. It has been a pleasure attending the summer get–to-know you parties, both as incoming families and later as welcoming upperclassmen. It sets one’s mind at ease, when you feel the warmth in these gatherings.


Sincerely with gratitude,
Edward J. Sullivan (class of 2017 parent)