Learning places

Knott Academic Center

The Knott Academic Center—or AC, for short—is home to 21 classrooms and several labs used for everything from essay-writing to 3D designing to color printing and foreign language mastering. Academic classes for students from all schools are held at the AC, so you’ll likely spend a lot of time here.

Coad Science Building

This building is impressive from the inside out. Inside, science and math students are studying subjects like Ebola, reverse alchemy, mobile app design, animal behavior and the science of brewing beer—to name a few. And how many undergraduates do you know that get to use an X-ray diffractometer? Just outside, solar panels generate 1,600 watts of electricity, powering all the lights and many outlets in and around the building.


Archbishop Borders Learning Center

We want you and all your peers to have the same opportunity to learn as much as possible, regardless of how easily learning comes to you. Whether you’re a student athlete balancing a heavy class load and busy training schedule, a student living with a disability, or just someone who needs a little extra help from a peer tutor, this is where you’ll find the personalized help you need to become a confident learner for life. And speaking of learning, it’s also home to our education, criminal justice and sociology programs.

Phillips Library

Library hours are whatever you want them to be, thanks to our 24-hour study niche. (Next thing you know, you’ll be eating ice cream for breakfast.) From late-night group project meet-ups to perfecting your essay in the Writing Center to chatting with your professor in an interactive classroom during her digital office hours, Phillips Library is a hub for intellectual collaboration on campus. It’s also home to the Center for Student Engagement and Success – your 24-hour, one-stop shop for connecting with the right campus services, programs and offices you need to make the most out of your time at the Mount.

Delaplaine Fine Arts Center

Whether you like to make art or simply appreciate it, you can get your fix at the Delaplaine Fine Arts Center. Every season, your artistically minded peers and teachers will express themselves here through performances, concerts and exhibits at the Lynne & Joseph Horning Theater and The Thomas H. & Mary K. Williams Art Gallery.

McGowan Student Center

“Meet me at McGowan” is something you’ll say at least a few times a week. You can meet your friends—and maybe make some new ones—over lunch in Patriot Dining Hall. You can sip a Frappuccino at the Starbucks in the Mount Café, show off your skills in a game of pool, or polish your résumé at the Career Center. All student activities have offices here, and if you ever call in to our very own WMTB Radio, this is where the magic happens.

PNC Sports Complex

Whether you’re breaking records as a Division I athlete in Knott Arena, breaking a sweat on the treadmill in the PNC Fitness Center, or just having fun with your intramural floor hockey team—this is the place for athletes of all levels to stay fit. Take in the scenery on our running trail, test your limits on high ropes challenge courses—or maybe some low ones—and then zip-line across the campus pond, where you might find RAs-in-training competing to build and race cardboard boats.

Solar Farms

Our on-campus solar farms are two of the largest in the eastern U.S. The primary farm spans 100 acres and produces an average of 22 million kWh per year. That’s enough to power 1,800 homes. Our smaller solar farm supplies 80% of the energy required to run PNC Sports Complex here on campus.

Founder’s Plaza

When the weather’s nice, Founder’s heats up, too. That means all-you-can-eat Maryland blue crabs at our annual crab feast, outdoor concerts, and ice cream socials, for starters. Recently, we enjoyed Floats on Founder’s—complete with root beer from the Mount Brewing Club and ice cream made just an hour away in Hershey, Pa.


Chapel of the Immaculate Conception

The visually stunning and iconic Chapel has been a spiritual gathering place welcoming people of all faiths for more than a century. Even more fascinating than the building’s intricate Romanesque detailing is the fact that St. Mary’s Prep alumnus Frank F. Baldwin designed it in 1910. Talk about hands-on experience. Baldwin came from a long line of Mountaineers, including both his father and his father’s uncle, Archbishop Elder—a descendant of the Elder family who donated the plot of land on which our university was founded.

Club 1808

Most on-campus events take place at Club 1808, from piano bars and comedy nights, to sports game viewings on a screen much bigger than the one in your residence hall room. And when the lights are flashing and the bass is thumping at your first Club 1808 dance party, you might even forget you’re still on a campus.