Represent Fanatically

Athletics are a big part of the Mount community, so cover yourself in white and blue and prepare to scream your head off for your fellow Mountaineers.

Or maybe you’ll be the one in five students who represents the Mount as an NCAA Division I athlete. Whether you’re a player or a diehard fan, we could be your ticket to March Madness. Our men’s basketball team has been there five times, and you could be the one to help us get there again.

The Mountaineers compete in the Northeast Conference with 22 men’s and women’s teams:

  • baseball

  • basketball [m/w]

  • bowling [w]

  • cross country [m/w]

  • diving [m/w]

  • golf [m/w]

  • lacrosse [m/w]

  • rugby [w]

  • soccer [m/w]

  • softball

  • swimming [m/w]

  • tennis [m/w]

  • track and field [m/w]

But our Division I athletes aren’t the only victors on campus; our men’s rugby team were 2016 National Champs at the club sports level. So whether you’re duking it out with other schools on our equestrian team or in a nail-biting game of canoe battleship with that guy from your math class, you’ll make your fellow Mountaineers proud—and have some fun while you’re at it.