Degree Description

Youth ministry grades K-5 certification

Theology Catechetics Certification – youth minisrty grades K-5

Are you being called “to teach Christ”? The Theology Catechetics Certification prepares you for living as a disciple of Jesus Christ and providing faith ministry to both youth (grades K-5) and adults. You’ll earn your catechetic certificate and find all the tools necessary to bring people together to develop meaningful experiences of prayer and worship, all while completing your bachelor’s degree in theology.

theology bachelor’s degree with Catechetics certification

Complementary majors:


special programs – theology degree and catechetics certification

Special programs are extended opportunities outside of the standard major coursework. These programs allow you to decide early on to focus in on a particular career or field you wish to pursue after graduation, you will then work with faculty advisors to prepare for the next steps toward that specialization while you are still earning your undergraduate degree.