Degree Description

Offered as a major and a minor

Related Academic Programs
history, sociology, theology

Philosophy Major

Do you find yourself asking questions and seeking the truth about free will, faith and reason, the definition of a just society, or what it means to be human and to live well? Students within the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy will study everything from knowledge to goodness, from God to the meaning of human existence. Come graduation day, with a degree in the pursuit of wisdom, you will have the critical skills necessary to engage with diverse ideas in a changing world.

Outside of Philosophy Classes

Outside of Class

Write for Tolle Lege, a campus journal that publishes student philosophical and theological writings aligned with the Mount’s mission of “learning in the pursuit of truth.” If you are looking for a more immersive experience, any number of student clubs and diversity groups will introduce you to new ways of thinking.

Resources for getting a job with a philosophy degree

Career Crossing

The Career Center is a terrific resource as you consider life after college. Stop by to learn about resume and internship workshops, career fairs, and opportunities to meet employers.

Mount graduates with philosophy degrees

After You Graduate

Explore the meaning in a new chapter of your life as a:
  • social worker
  • lawyer
  • teacher
  • journalist
  • publisher
  • counselor
  • foreign service officer
Get to work with:
  • universities
  • law offices
  • government agencies
  • banks
  • newspapers