Degree Description

Offered as an interdisciplinary major and minor

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history, political science, world languages education certification

International Studies degree

All that experience negotiating peace settlements between you and your siblings is finally going to come in handy. The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies teaches students about the international political make-up, as well as socio-cultural differences in the world, and how to better navigate them. In addition to the study of a foreign language of their choosing, students are encouraged to concentrate their academic efforts on international business and economics, international politics or international cultures.

outside the classroom – international studies

Outside of Class

Join Amnesty International and spend your collegiate hours researching human rights around the globe. An internship with an international focus or a semester abroad will also fuel your interest in world relations. There could be no better experience for an International Studies student than exploring the world itself.

Resources for finding international studies jobs

Career Crossing

The Career Center is a terrific resource as you consider life after college. Stop by to learn about resume and internship workshops, career fairs, and opportunities to meet employers.

Mount graduates with international studies degrees

After You Graduate

Pursue a career as a(n):
  • international Banker
  • translator
  • intelligence agent
  • business analyst
  • import/export specialist
  • international lawyer
Get to work with:
  • foreign corporations
  • consulting firms
  • foreign financial institutions
  • government agencies
  • Department of State
  • embassies
  • United Nations
  • relief organizations
  • National Security Councils