Degree Description

Dual certification program

Elementary Education / Special Education Dual Certification

Those who can … teach! There is no nobler profession than being the shaper of young minds. Think of your favorite teachers as young tyke, and then emulate them as you prepare to teach the study of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. With the Elementary Education / Special Education Dual Certification you’ll get the experience to teach elementary grades 1-6 as well as generic special education for grades 1-8. You’ll then have the chance to test your skills in the classroom with a teaching internship.

Elementary Education major with Special Education Certification

Complementary major:

Elementary Education

Special Program – Elementary/ Special Education Certification

Special programs are extended opportunities outside of the standard major coursework. These programs allow you to decide early on to focus in on a particular career or field you wish to pursue after graduation, you will then work with faculty advisors to prepare for the next steps toward that specialization while you are still earning your undergraduate degree.