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computer science, criminal justice, mathematics

Major in Cybersecurity

Have you ever considered how Google, Facebook or your credit card company keeps your information secure? It’s because they have teams of people working in cybersecurity to make sure your data stays safe. If you’re interested in keeping the business you work for – or the country you live in – protected from hackers, consider the bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, where you’ll take courses from secure systems design and risk management, to computer architecture to cyberethics.

cybersecurity outside of the classroom

Outside of Class:

Cybersecurity majors can take advantage of a wide array of opportunities that can open new worlds related to their career path. The Student Government Association or politics club can give you a glimpse inside constructing government policy, while the Association for Computing Machinery can help satisfy your interest in computer science. You can even explore business-related areas, such as the annual ethics pledge, The Federal Reserve Challenge, Enactus or the Delta Mu Delta national honor society for business. Internships may even be available in networking and cybersecurity in the school’s IT department.

Career Crossing – cybersecurity

Career Crossing

The Career Center offers terrific resources for cybersecurity majors, including our annual Federal Agency Week where employers like the NSA, secret service and FBI network, interview and discuss career opportunities with students. The Career Center will also prepare students for success with resume and internship workshops, career fairs and internship connections.

After graduating with a cybersecurity dergree

After You Graduate

Careers in cybersecurity might include
  • Cybersecurity operations analysts
  • Network and computer systems administrators
  • Computer and information systems managers
  • Computer and information research scientists
  • Information security analysts


Go to work with agencies like the following:
  • National Security Agency
  • National Institute for Standards and Technology
  • Department of Defense
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Northrop Grumman