Degree Description

Offered as a major and minor, or double major with sociology

Related Academic Programs
political science, sociology, pre-law program

Criminal Justice Major

If police procedurals on television have always been your jam, then a degree in Criminal Justice is just the ticket. Crime and criminal behavior, as well as the related institutions of law enforcement, the criminal courts, and the corrections system, are the focus here, undergirded by a commitment to social justice, critical thinking, and a solid foundation in the liberal arts.

Outside of Criminal Justice Classes

Outside of Class

Join the Criminal Justice Student Association and become a leader in your field! Meet successful alumni, find a mentor, and make career connections. Join in the CSI Challenge: examine a crime scene, interview witnesses, collect evidence, figure out who done it! Attend the Delaney Lecture Series to hear from experts in the field. Go on a police ride-along or field trip with your peers. Past trips have included the FBI Academy and the Newseum. Student internships with local police and federal agencies will help round out your educational experience.

Resources for getting a criminal justice related job

Career Crossing

The Career Center offers terrific resources for CJ majors, including our annual Federal Agency Week where employers like the secret service, FBI and NSA network, interview and discuss career opportunities with students. The Career Center will also prepare students for success with resume and internship workshops, career fairs, and internship connections.

Mount graduates with criminal justice degrees

After You Graduate

Careers in criminal justice might include:
  • police officer
  • federal agent
  • forensic investigator
  • corrections officer
Go to work with agencies like the following:
  • The Federal Bureau of Intelligence
  • Raytheon
  • National Juvenile Justice Network
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives