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Art Education Certification

Art Education Certification

Surround yourself with paint, clay, charcoal, paper, wood, glitter, computers – basically anything that inspires you to create – but take it to the next level by learning how to share your creativity with the next generation. An Art Education Certification allows you to be an art major and study to become an art teacher for pre-k through 12th grade. You’ll start by understanding how individuals learn and grow and work toward how to objectively assess their work. Put your skills to the test with a student-teaching internship – and who knows, you may help discover the next Claude Monet.

Art Certification – art major

Complementary majors:

Fine Arts – Art

Special Program – Art Education Certification

Special programs are extended opportunities outside of the standard major coursework. These programs allow you to decide early on to focus in on a particular career or field you wish to pursue after graduation, you will then work with faculty advisors to prepare for the next steps toward that specialization while you are still earning your undergraduate degree.