Live significantly

Mount St. Mary's University is your first step on the path to a life well-lived.

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Introduce the world to the best “you.”

The best version of yourself isn’t someone you’ll bump into one day on your way to class. Truth is, your best self has always been a part of you.

At Mount St. Mary’s University, we don’t expect you to become someone new, but to strengthen the person you already are by challenging yourself and testing your own limits. It is that version of “you” that will achieve significant things and leave your lasting mark on the world. Just as so many Mountaineers before you have.

Learn Voraciously


Soak up information. Immerse yourself in insights and intelligence. Devour the issues and topics and subjects that really mean something to you.

During your time at the Mount, you will fine-tune your critical thinking skills and discover your academic ambitions. But our approach is even bigger than academics.

We are a Catholic university built on the liberal arts tradition, so we don’t teach just a set of beliefs. We impart the skills and mindset to make ethical decisions, to present your work professionally and to build teams of people to tackle society’s toughest problems. We’ll equip you to see the world through a new lens –with a filter of history and faith. Sound inspiring? It is.

At the Mount, we won’t teach you what to think, but how to.

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One of the great things about learning here is the chance to look at every topic from every angle. So don’t be surprised if you uncover perspectives you’d never even considered before.

Pursue your passions.

Choose a major that parallels the path you’ve chosen. But don’t worry if you haven’t picked a path yet, because at the Mount you will quickly discover what moves you.

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Between accomplished professors and dedicated students like you, the Mount adds up to success.

Explore Boundlessly

Our campus, nestled in the mountains, offers you countless opportunities to find a path to explore – both on and off campus. To commune with nature and the people around you. To declare that “you’re stepping outside for a breath of fresh air” and really mean it.

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Now that you know a bit about how you’ll live, you’re probably wondering where you’ll live.

Explore your stomping grounds.

Scout out all the campus facilities and cool places available to you at the Mount.

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…or wander off campus »

Whether you see yourself among mountains or monuments, Emmitsburg, Md. has plenty to offer.

meet people worth meeting »

Get to know the friendly faces who are passionate about helping you grow.

Engage Wholeheartedly

Find your fun.

At the Mount, it’s as easy to “fit in” as it is to stand out. You’ll find people who have a blast doing the same things you like doing. And others who will introduce you to completely new activities. The more you engage, the more you’ll discover what you love in the many groups, teams, clubs, events, and other activities that are part of the Mount life.

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How we are Catholic.


Some of our campus events are so successful they’ve become traditions.

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Love some activity? Chances are, we’ve got a club for it. And if we don’t, we’ll help you start one.

Compete Ferociously

Go, Mountaineers!

One out of every four students here competes as an athlete in one of our Division 1 athletic programs. The other three out of four scream until their faces turn blue and their throats hurt cheering on the Mountaineers from the sidelines. Which ever category you fall into – welcome to the team!


At Center Court, Let’s Welcome Emmit S. Burg

Campus Mascot and Head of the Mount Maniacs, you’ll see Emmit all over this mountain – hiking, camping, participating in service trips, and supporting Mount Athletics!

Dream Limitlessly

Prepare to embark.

No matter where you want to go in your career or in the world, there are plenty of resources to help you make a big splash in the next phase of your journey.

Step outside your comfort zone. And your time zone.

study abroad »

serve abroad »

Service abroad is like study abroad, but focused on serving the community you visit.

Mountaineer for life.

Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer. So even after your time at the Mount is up, you will always be able to call on the Mount people and resources you need to thrive in the real world.

Your path to a life well-lived.

When your time at the Mount comes to a close, you will be well on your way to living the life you’ve envisioned. Within a year of graduation, 93% of alumni are employed or in grad school. And they are living lives of significance and impacting the world. A great example is Mountaineer Nancy Abu-Bonsrah who is the first female African-American in the neurosurgery residence program at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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You can be anything.

But first, be a Mountaineer.

It sounds cliche, but there is nothing you can’t do. Choosing your life’s path is just the beginning. And we take great pride in helping you begin that journey – helping you find the spirit and drive to pursue your passions, serve others selflessly, and find that spot in the world where you fit perfectly and can make a difference.

The Mount is your first step to leading a life of significance. Make your mark here first, and then on the world.