You won’t be the only one wants to see you succeed.

From best friends to your greatest mentors, you’re bound to meet people during your time at the Mount who will give you the confidence and support to become your best you.


Our faculty don’t just teach you in the classroom; they double as academic advisors who can teach you how to stay on track to reach your goals. Your professors will be your go-to resource when you need help figuring out which courses to take, setting goals, and then exceeding them.

Resident Assistants

RAs are helpful neighbors who are a few steps ahead in their Mount experience and live just a few steps down the hall from your residence hall room. They’re there to help you feel right at home in your new community and are often a knock away if you need them.

Career Center

Counselors at the Career Center will work with you to design a personalized, four-year Career Action Plan that will take you from creating your first resume to finding internships to accepting a job offer.

Peer Tutors

Who better to help you with your coursework than students who’ve sat right where you’re sitting? Peer Tutors are certified and faculty-recommended Mount students who can help you get a better grasp on what you’re learning, and they won’t cost you a thing.

Counseling Services

You’re going to have a lot more on your mind than tonight’s homework assignment or where you see yourself in five years, and we get that. If you ever need to talk to someone, our Counseling Center staff is available Monday through Friday to lend an ear and help you put things in perspective.