The whole world wants to get to know you.

After being on campus for a few years, you’ll be ready to see the world for a few months.

  • Dublin, Ireland

    While exploring Ireland’s capital city, you’ll study Irish life and culture as you stroll through St. Stephen’s Green, soak up the history of Guinness and live on the edge at the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher.

  • Florence, Italy

    Visit Michelangelo’s iconic statue of David while practicing the language for your Italian 102 exam. Learn all about local life and culture, then live it firsthand on a Tuscan food tour or while cruising through the olive groves on a Vespa.

  • Prague, Czech Republic

    Immerse yourself in the history, culture and language of the Czech Republic. Explore the vast array of architectural building styles from Romanesque to Gothic and Baroque to Art Nouveau as you make your way through the “City of a Hundred Spires.” Catch the procession of the Twelve Apostles at the astronomical clock tower in Old Town Square and you’ll truly understand why it’s considered one of Europe’s best-preserved old towns.

  • London, England

    Learn about British life and culture from a local professor alongside students from universities across the United States. Tour the city on a double decker bus and see famous sights like Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, stop at a local pub for fish and chips, or revel in a little iambic pentameter at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.

  • Seville, Spain

    In this three-week intensive program, you’ll live with a family in Seville. But the “intensive” part is that everyone signs a contract to commit fully to the experience by speaking only Spanish. Va a aprender a hablar español muy bien!

  • Tours, France

    Practice your French conversation skills while living with a local family during this four-week program. You will supplement your studies of French civilization with visits to castle towns in Loire Valley, Paris, and Versailles.

  • Salzburg, Austria

    Spend five weeks in the birthplace of Mozart, studying European history and culture while experiencing it from your own perspective. You may even see the hills from “The Sound of Music” come alive.

  • San Jose, Costa Rica

    On this immersive summer program, students will be challenged to speak only Spanish, 24/7. Only problem is, your chances to practice the language may be limited when you find yourself speechless taking in the beauty of Costa Rica.

Our business students really get into what they’re learning.

Here, “international business” isn’t an exaggeration. If that’s what you choose to study at the Mount, your learning experience will truly be a global one with class excursions to Yantai, China; Mumbai, India; and Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Say you’re taking a class called Business and Culture in China, in which you explore U.S.-China relations. Thanks to a partnership with the Shandong Institute of Business of Technology, you’ll be able to actually build relationships with Chinese students who will be learning right along with you—first digitally, and then in person.

Our short-term exchange programs utilize the Mount’s international partnerships to give students studying the business and culture of China, India, and Russia the opportunity to watch their learning come to life by visiting the country’s historic locations, collaborating with foreign business leaders, eating like locals, and experiencing the lesson plan firsthand.