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We’ll let you
in on a little secret:

The best version of yourself isn’t someone you’ll bump into one day on your way to class. Truth is, your best self has always been a part of you. Sometimes, it just takes a little help to bring it out into the world.

At Mount St. Mary’s University, we don’t expect you to become someone new, but to strengthen the person you already are by growing your heart and mind. Around here, realizing your potential is the most important lesson we teach—because the foundation of a better world is a better you.

So while other colleges and universities may offer to help you “find yourself,” we’ll help you find your more.

Grow your heart

and your mind.

Our Approach

We can teach you something most other colleges have yet to figure out. It’s simple, but it makes a big difference.

See, getting the most out of these next four years isn’t just about how you perform as a student—it’s about how you live as a person.

It’s an approach that’s bigger than academics. Sure, every idea we discuss is built upon a Catholic liberal arts perspective, but it’s not a set of beliefs we provide—it’s a lens through which to view the world. Think of it as an extra layer to what you’re learning, steeped in history and faith.

In a sea of messages, we give you the critical thinking skills and the freedom to find your own meaning all around you.

To build the best you,

we teach the whole you.


Whether you’re starting fresh or with some experience, your journey of becoming your best self will begin on day one.

open your eyes to a new perspective »

The foundation of your learning at the Mount won’t teach you what to think, but how.

Find a major.

It’s more than your alarm that gets you up each morning. Discover what moves you.

majors & minors

statistics of success »

Between accomplished professors and dedicated students like you, the Mount adds up to success.

Mountains have a way of

expanding your horizons.


You’ll arrive on campus with full suitcases and a fuller heart, ready to begin your journey. This is where you’ll call home for the next few years, making memories that will stay with you wherever you go.

make yourself at home »

Now that you know a bit about how you’ll live, you’re probably wondering where you’ll live.

Find your place on campus.

Explore our campus facilities and the places you can go without even stepping off the Mount.

learn about facilities

off campus »

Whether you see yourself among mountains or monuments, Emmitsburg, Md. has plenty to offer.

meet people worth meeting »

Get to know the friendly faces who are passionate about helping you grow.

Here, becoming
a part can make you

feel whole.

What you’ll be a part of

And no matter where you live on campus, you’ll be part of a community of great people growing better together.

our catholic identity »

How we are Catholic.

join in our traditions »

Some of our campus events have been so successful, they’ve become Mount traditions.

get involved »

We have a club for each of your interests. And if we don’t, you can start one.

Know what will look good on you?

Head-to-toe White and Blue!

Go, Mountaineers!

Whether you lead the team or the student section, we’re all in it together as Mountaineers.


At Center Court, Let’s Welcome Emmit S. Burg

Campus Mascot and Head of the Mount Maniacs, you’ll see Emmit all over this mountain – hiking, camping, participating in service trips, and supporting Mount Athletics!

Busy? Yes.
Work? Yes.

Busywork? Never.

Where you’ll go

No matter where you want to go in your career or in the world, there are plenty of resources to help you make it happen.

Get outside your comfort zone and your time zone.

study abroad programs

serve the world »

Service abroad is like study abroad, but with more of a focus on contributing to the community you visit.

Even after you graduate

When you’re out there in the real world, the Mount will help you continue to maximize your potential.

Life after the Mount

Within a year of graduation, 96% of alumni are employed or in grad school.

meet our alumni

You can be anything.

But first, be a Mountaineer.

When you realize your purpose in your own way—whether it’s during Freshman Frenzy or while backpacking the Appalachian Trail—you will find yourself walking a little taller. Speaking a little more confidently. And we’re pretty sure that if you put your heart and mind to it, you’ll become the kind of person that other people look up to.

Becoming your best you starts with developing your heart and your mind. Take the first step to growing both, today.